Commercial Truck Towing

Commercial Truck Towing

If one of your company vehicles ever breaks down while it’s out on the road, it can be bad for business. It’ll obviously make it impossible for you to use the vehicle for at least a day or two in most cases. Fortunately, Classic Tow offers commercial truck towing services. From pick-up truck towing to U-Haul and rental truck towing, Classic Tow has the experience and expertise it takes to safely tow a commercial vehicle.

Towing Services for Commercial Vehicles

At Classic Tow, we have our wrecker tow truck as part of our fleet which is able to tow many of the heavier commercial trucks.  Whether it’s a truck, delivery van, work van, small bus or small RV, our wrecker with our skilled tow truck driver will be able to tow it for you.  We have been helping companies with commercial truck towing for over 38 years in and around Roseville CA when they need services like:

  • Delivery Van Towing
  • Construction Truck Towing
  • Small Bus Towing
  • Small RV Towing
  • Parking Garage Towing
  • Tesla Towing
  • And More!

It doesn’t matter if you need to have commercial trucks towed across town or across the state. Classic Tow is a family owned and operated tow truck company that is more than up for the challenge. Outside of our regular commercial truck towing services, we also specialize in 24/7 emergency towing as well as long-distance towing services. As a result, commercial companies in Roseville, CA and the neighboring cities have called on us for more than 30 years to help with their heavy-duty towing needs. Find out what makes our operation so special by giving us a call the next time you need a commercial vehicle towed.

Touch base with Classic Tow at 916-786-6800 for commercial truck towing in Roseville, CA and the surrounding areas, including Citrus Heights, Rocklin, Lincoln, Orangevale and Granite Bay, CA.