Flatbed Towing

At Classic Tow, we take safety very seriously when we’re providing our customers with tow truck services. Our Class A tow truck drivers go to great lengths to make sure that your vehicle and all the other vehicles on the road stay safe when we’re delivering towing services to you. To that end, we have several flat bed tow trucks in our fleet for particular jobs. It’s an ideal specialty towing option for those needing to tow motorcycles, sports cars or tow a vehicle from a parking garage.

Flat Bed Towing Services

When we place a vehicle on a flat bed tow truck, you won’t have to worry about it moving around when it’s being taken from point A to point B. What’s more, we’ll make sure it does not come in contact with anything while it’s out on the road. It’s why it’s a great option for those doing truck and SUV towing, accident towing, or any other specialty towing that requires tow truck drivers to be extra careful throughout the towing process. Flat bed towing gives our drivers an opportunity to keep your vehicle safe and sound while it’s in the process of being towed.

Flat Bed Towing is Ideal for Long Distance Jobs

Flat bed towing is especially useful for those who need to take advantage of the long-distance towing services available through Classic Tow. The last thing you want to do is have a classic car, a sports car, or even just a regular old car towed a long distance and have to stress out over whether or not it’s going to be safe throughout the length of the trip. By requesting flat bed towing for your vehicle, you can rest assured knowing your vehicle will arrive at its final destination in pristine condition.

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